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About Us

Tri-State Wind & Solar, LLC, which has  offices in  Garrett County, MD., and Wheeling, WV, was formed in 2010, as a company focused entirely on renewable energy. The principals in the organizations are two architects and an electrical engineer.  Victor Greco is an architect with Mills Group, LLC, which has offices in both Morgantown, WV and Wheeling, WV.  Dennis Madama is an architect with the architectural and engineering firm of Shaeffer and Madama, located in Wheeling, WV.  Eugene Scherrer is an electrical engineer, general contractor and the owner of Scherrer Engineering and Construction, also located in Wheeling, WV. All three partners are registered to provide either architectural or engineering services in the states of Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania,  where we have been actively involved in solar and wind projects.  One of the most recent installation is at our MD site on US 219 near Keysers Ridge.  At that installation, we have a Ventera 10Kw wind turbine on a 110' tower and a ground mounted 4.8Kw solar array.  In addition to these two installations, we have installed two other wind turbines and over twenty-five solar arrays.